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Hey, Mexico, we didn't ask you about our laws
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Would somebody tell that guy that runs Mexico to buy a map?
President whoever had the audacity to come to our country and tell Congress he doesn’t like Arizona’s tough new immigration laws. The last time I looked, Arizona wasn’t in Mexico so he should mind his own beeswax.
He reminds me of the guy who came to Atlanta as the French consul-general and promptly announced that his country was “firmly opposed to capital punishment, remains dedicated to its abolition and will continue to deeply deploy all its efforts in that direction.”
This from the land of the guillotine.
Monsieur Musketeer didn’t stay long. He’s lucky we didn’t try him for treason. We don’t take kindly to outsiders telling us how to run our business, be they from France or Philadelphia.
Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to bother the liberal weenies in Washington. When the Mexican president got around to dissing Arizona because they are doing what the federal government won’t do and what Georgia should do if it wasn’t for all the special interests and politicians that keeping us from enforcing the law, the Democrats applauded. Whose side are they on?
By the way, news reports say the Mexican government is very upset with Arizona and has even issued a travel advisory warning its citizens not to travel to there. I don’t know anybody in Arizona but I’ll bet they’d say that was the reason they passed the law in the first place. Duh!
Why doesn’t Barack Obama tear himself away from his teleprompters and go to Mexico and say to their Congress or whatever passes for one, “If you ran your country better, everybody would want to stay here and wouldn’t try to sneak into ours. If you can’t do that, then send the pesos to cover their costs. Otherwise, we may try to sneak into Mexico and have our babies in your hospitals. Muchas gracias.”
Of course, that would upset the out-of-touch-with-reality news media, the politicians who covet the Hispanic vote so they can continue to avoid having to find a real job, the special-interest groups who make a living off of illegal immigrants, the construction industry, agribusiness and left-leaning universities, among others.
The only people who would applaud such a move would be the majority of the American people who see illegal immigration for what it is — illegal.
Matt Towery, a nationally syndicated columnist and CEO of polling firm InsiderAdvantage says his polls show that if you propose to boycott Arizona because of their immigration laws, “You are cooked. Your indignation is only hardening the resolve of those who have adopted a zero-tolerance stance toward people living here illegally.”
I won’t reprise the Jessica Colotl issue except to say that Towery’s poll shows most Georgians have no sympathy for her plight. Colotl was the illegal immigrant at Kennesaw State University who was caught with no driver’s license and who lied about where she lived. She says our system is “messed up.” I say she is the one who messed up.
How did Colotl get in Kennesaw State in the first place? The State Board of Regents, the closest thing we have in this state to the College of Cardinals, say they can’t monitor who is legal and who is illegal.
However, in 2007 the regents ruled that illegal immigrants at Georgia’s public universities could not receive in-state tuition, but would be charged at the higher out-of-state rate. Which brings up the obvious question: How do you know to charge them out-of-state rates if you don’t know whether they are legal or not?
To be as smart as they are, the Board of Regents can be a little obfuscating at times.
In the meantime, el Presidente has gone home and our federal government continues to dither over illegal immigration.
But there is some good news: At least he didn’t call for the abolishment of capital punishment while he was here.
I guess being president of Mexico is punishment enough.

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