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History shows us many things

Dear Editor,

Now we have a new slogan Black lives matter! No I must disagree, All lives matter! My opinion this is a racist slogan. As a student of history, yes the black man had it rough, but what about Native American Indians who had almost every treaty they signed broken, even by President Abraham Lincoln. These Native Americans were eventually forced to live on worthless western barren lands. The state’s historic Chief Vann house, in North Georgia is where Indian Chief Vann was forced from his house, put on the trail of Tears, lost his house/belongings.

However, he was allowed to take his black slaves with him (yes the Cherokee owned black slaves). Or what about the Chinese who built the western portion of the US transcontinental railroad, under harsh weather conditions, ending at Promontory Summit (NHS) desert in Utah?

Japanese Americans who had to leave their possessions and forced to live in remote barren western camps, all because of Pearl Harbor, yet to show their loyalty to our country they formed the 442 Infantry (now in the USAR) “Go for broke” (go to Fort Stewart’s Warriors walk, where there are at least half of the soldiers who were attached to the 3rd Infantry Division who died in Iraq/Afghanistan for their country. 

How about Hispanic Americans? Study your American history. Back in western US, Hispanics/Mexicans were lower in the social/economic/political strata than blacks! When I ran for Hinesville 3rd District City Council my theme was simple; Straight and Honest. Supposedly now it’s all about police brutality/systematic racism. Where is this brutality, systematic racism and what about black on black crime?

I’ll leave it here for now. Maybe someone will chime in on Police brutality (where is it taking place?), systematic racism (define this, where does it take place, especially around here?) And what about black on black crime (I’ve heard that about the last hmm, 40 years?).

Lastly, instead of tearing down a statue, “the in the thing these days,” let’s research the statue’s history. Why was it erected? Who was the individual(s)?

It’s been 1 year since the Liberty County Commissioners authorized the Ralph Waldo Quarterman memorial be erected on the Liberty County Courthouse grounds, yet not one inch of dirt has been turned for this memorial. Why? Next time we’ll discuss George Floyd, Amard, Rashard Brooks (Atlanta). If you recall, a young black girl was riding in the neighborhood where the gutted/destroyed Wendy’s (no jobs/income/tax revenue there), but her sin was being in the wrong place/wrong time and she was murdered.  We’ll discuss the rioting, economic effects, loss of jobs ,income, both individual/Local/County/State/Federal taxes. 

Joseph B. Stuart


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