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I didn’t write a column because...
Dee McLelland new

I didn’t write a column last week.

It was the first time as Publisher that I didn’t voice my feelings about our community, my life, my loves, my hates. It seemed senseless to write one last week because every time I started wandering down the path of a subject there was a road block in one shape or another. I write from the heart, not always with my brain and that certainly can be a problem in 2020. 

Here are a number of other reasons why I didn’t write a column last week. 

I didn’t write a column because I have a sense of humor.

I have made jokes at funerals. Of course it was a family member I was joking about, but still, today, someone would find that offensive to folks who have passed on. If I can make fun at a funeral, I certainly can poke some pretty big holes in some of the crap we are dealing with today. 

Oh crap! I said crap! Pretty sure I have offended someone in the crap industry, maybe someone in politics? See? I have a sense of humor.

I didn’t write a column because I often voice my opinions regardless of what side of the political fence they fall on.

I really don’t care what you call yourself, be a Democrat or Republican. Both parties right now, in my opinion, have performed disgracefully for the American public. It’s amazing how these people, on both sides have belittled the feelings and wishes of the very people who have put them in office. Both offer good points pertaining to the betterment of America and both have also peddled tons of the before mentioned “crap.” If our so-called politicians worried about making America what it could and should be, I believe we could find a compromise on just about anything that faces us today.

I didn’t write a column because I’m an American.

Just as every American has the right to free speech, we also have the right to remain silent when we want. I’m sure we all wish some of our friends would take that to heart sometimes, and I’m almost positive we wish our President could do it, our Senate members and our Congress members. The right to free speech doesn’t mean you have immunity from the consequences of that free speech. With that said, silence can also be deafening and there are certain things which have to be spoken about in order to bring resolution and justice. I believe we as Americans need to be conscious of that very fact. We all aren’t experts in every field or public policy, so why act like it?

I didn’t write a column because every subject that came to mind would almost certainly offend someone.

This brings us around full circle. I had first thought of writing about the changing of football and other sports team names and how that might be the most ridicules thing I have heard of. My reasoning would be we as a nation are facing more important problems right now than whether a team is named Redskins or Braves. 

How did this surface as a hot topic during a time of a pandemic, race relations and accusations of police corruption? Many want to tie it into the race relation conversation, but somehow, I have to believe coming together and discussing our problems and making positive moves in that direction would be more meaningful than changing a team name. 

Also, be mindful, groups are being emboldened by each move made like this. They will not stop with Redskins, it will be the Braves, Indians, Chiefs and Seminoles next. Then it will be on to something else. If they can go after rice and syrup companies can you imagine what’s next?

If they go after Natural Light I’ll never write again.

If you see me, say “Hey!”

Dee McLelland is the Publisher of the Coastal Courier and the Bryan County News. He can be reached at or 876-0156.

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