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If God can use Peter, he can also use Trump
Letter to the editor

Editor: Thank you, Will Darsey, for graciously letting me down easy in your response to my letter in the Nov. 16, 2016 edition of the Coastal Courier.

We probably do not agree on very many things of a political nature, but I think we can agree that we both love our country and, even though we may not agree as to how that will come to pass, I believe we both want only the best for this nation.

I will say that I am far less concerned about Donald J. Trump’s ability to keep the "conservative Republican party" alive than I am about his goal to "make America Great Again"!

I do believe there is only One who can truly "make America great again", but perhaps if God can use the apostle Peter, a boisterous fisherman, who was always putting his foot in his mouth and the apostle Paul, a persecutor and murderer of Christians, as his instruments to change the known world in the first century and beyond, then just maybe he can use Donald J. Trump as his instrument to make a difference in our nation. My prayer is that he can at least begin to bring this nation back to the principles upon which it was originally founded.

I hope the toothpicks worked well, Will!!

I pray God’s richest blessings for you and your family as we celebrate the upcoming Christmas season!!

Lynda Hall


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