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Keep Liberty Beautiful: It’s a good time to pledge to recycle
Karen Bell
Keep Liberty Beautiful Executive Director Karen Bell.

Dr. Karen Bell

Keep Liberty Beautiful

America Recycles Day is celebrated the whole month of November. This is the season to start recycling, and you can start by taking the pledge to recycle more by going to this Keep America Beautiful website: recycling/recycling-reality- check-quiz/. 

Keep Liberty Beautiful was happy to promote and celebrate recycling with our local schools and businesses in Liberty County this month. All the Liberty County and Long County schools, the Hinesville Rotary Club, Connection Church, The DAV Chapter No. 46, the Morning Glory Garden Club, and the Think Big After School program were given America Recycles Day presentations and information about recycling. We visited Bradwell Institute and Liberty County High School during their lunch hours and shared recycling display information and giveaways. We thank all who were able to participate in the different activities for America Recycles Day.

While promoting recycling this month, many questions were asked about what can be recycled. I found this website https://www.glad. com/teachable-trash/ recycling-for-kids/ which explains recycling very well: The Recycling Process Made Simple - Recycling is collecting materials that would typically be thrown away and giving them another life. Unfortunately, this process isn’t always that simple.

Following a few critical rules is essential to ensure that all material is recycled correctly.

You will find a recycling triangle with a number inside on the underside of most plastic containers.

Each number indicates a different type of plastic.

Not all numbers belong in a recycling bin, so check with your municipality to ensure you’re adequately informed on what plastics they can handle.

Paper products come in many different shapes and sizes. Some look like the computer and notebook paper you might find at school or work. At the same time, others are used in packaging and containers like cardboard and paper cups. When adequately prepped, most paper products can be recycled. Here are a few steps to prepare your paper. Make sure the paper is clean. No grease, food, or tape, no wax or plastic coating, and flat. Always break down large boxes.

Nearly all the glass in consumer-packaged goods is recyclable.

Before recycling, ensure the glass is clean, with no food or dirt.

You can still help recycling by keeping shoes and clothes out of landfills. It’s all about being Thankful this holiday season.

Around Christmas, we may receive gifts and be thankful for what we have. As we collect shoes and clothes, we improve lives in our community and other needed areas around us. We know you have lots to do to prepare for the holidays. Still, we wanted to remind Liberty County to invite your family and friends to search their homes and look for gently worn, unneeded, unwanted shoes and clothes from their households. We can make this season of giving a part of the Keep Liberty Beautiful Shoe and Clothes Drive.

While you are out and about getting supplies for the holiday gathering, ask everyone you run into to help with the drive.

You may be surprised by the people that would be willing to help. Our goal this year is 1,000 pairs of shoes and 300 bags of clothes. You can call the KLB Office (912) 880-4888 or email to arrange drop off, or bring them on January 6, 2024, at the Bring One For The Chipper site!

Also, anyone or group has until the end of December to participate in a Rivers Alive Cleanup. We will have official Rivers Alive T-shirts while supplies last. You can sign up on our Facebook page and our website, www.

Rivers Alive is a statewide effort to preserve and protect our waterways in Georgia. Rivers Alive is sponsored by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division’s Environmental Outreach Program. Rivers Alive events are also part of the international efforts of The Ocean Conservancy.

For more information or to get involved with Keep Liberty Beautiful, please call (912) 880-4888 or email klcb@liberty

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