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Land already cleared for casino
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor,

In Wednesday Coastal Courier quoted that more voting was required prior to breaking ground on the new casino off Islands Highway east of I95. 

They are already building. They have cleared the land, raised the property and begun installing infrastructure.

After the last rains we had, there was standing water in the ditches along Islands Highway by the areas they raised. This is not normal.

Also the Governor said the locals can vote to not have a casino in their area. We of the east side of Liberty County have not voted.

In addition to wet lands degradation, we want answers to what water system they will use. If it’s a well it will significantly impact us. 

Next, sewage, how are they going to get rid of all the associated waste?  All the Tradeport East companies have septic. There is no way they can have a septic system that big. Liberty county and Hinesville Sewage treatment cannot handle any increases. 

Next, crime and emergency services. There is no full time fire/EMS on the east side past Hinesville. 

The Midway PD cannot supply enough officers. Besides the Casino is outside the Midway city limits. Liberty County Sheriff Deputies cannot stay in this area without compromising the rest of the country.

Lastly. Traffic flow. Already we have issues coming off the east end with the Tradeport. Our road is a county 2 lane past the Tradeport entrance. We will have extreme duress going in and out as well as our children having to get up even earlier to get on their school buses.

Mark Bush


Editor’s note: No one has voted on this issue yet as it has not been passed at the House level in the state. If the House approves it will be placed on the state ballot in the 2022 elections. If the people of Georgia approve then and only then, can Liberty County residents vote to approve or disapprove a casino in the County.

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