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Lets each do our part for a clean city
Guest column
Steve Welborn
Steve Welborn is Hinesvilles Geographic Information Director. - photo by File photo

The city of Hinesville tries to take a pro-active approach in all departments in an effort to better our city and be true to our roles as public servants. Why not have that same approach in code enforcement? These public officers enforce a variety of codes to include nuisance concerns, property maintenance, temporary signs, zoning issues and even property assessments following a disaster.

Code enforcement doesn’t just focus on aesthetics. Though, statistically, a clean and neat neighborhood benefits by protecting your property value and decreasing crime, these officers are also concerned with the safety and wellbeing of the public by being alert to obstructions that could cause an accident, by controlling pests that enable disease, and protecting our environment from illicit discharge.

Hinesville’s code enforcement cases are generated by complaints received or by observations in assigned neighborhoods. So if you haven’t seen them in your neighborhood yet, you will.

It is the officer’s duty to address the violation(s) by notifying the occupant or owner of the property, let them know what they need to do to correct the violation and allow a reasonable amount of time to do so.

Where some cities issue citations imposing an immediate fine for certain violations, Hinesville issues courtesy notices allowing the occupant or owner to correct the violation without penalty. This is a much friendlier approach that has proven successful in our city. However, those who fail to comply after receiving notices from code enforcement may be summoned to appear in municipal court and even have a lien placed on their property.

Don’t let this happen to you. Let’s work together for the greater good.

We all have rights and responsibilities…whether as a local government, property owner or tenant. We all need to work together as a community to support, protect and even enhance our quality of life in Hinesville.

Our principles and values affect where we live, work and play. May we each do our part to better Hinesville, whether it is home for a day or a lifetime.

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