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Let's hire an experienced executive
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“It’s not my fault.”  Can you imagine if the president of a major corporation said this to the stockholders when the company is doing badly?
A corporation hires a president to make the shareholders happy. He or she does this by increasing the company’s revenue or cutting costs to increase profit for the shareholders. 
There is corporation called the United States of America which hires a president every four years to make the stockholders — we, the people — happy. This president makes you and me happy by creating a strong economy and cutting government costs. 
When a new corporate president takes over the reins of a company, he is expected to make the company stronger, no matter what the previous president did. If the previous president did a good job, the new president is expected to continue to grow the company. If the previous president performed badly, the new president is expected to turn things around and improve the company, not make it worse. 
After three years, I am still hearing that we can’t blame President Obama for the economy, because it was President Bush’s fault. Do you think that a new corporate president would last three years using the excuse that he inherited a company made bad by the previous president? Just like a company president who accepted the job to lead a company to prosperity, President Obama accepted the job to lead America to prosperity.
Imagine what would happen if the president of Wal-Mart ran up a $4 trillion debt in just three years? Besides being fired, Wal-Mart would be bankrupt and more than two million people would be out of a job. President Obama ran up a $4 trillion debt, according to CBS News, putting America close to bankruptcy with 14 million people out of work, according to 
Do you think the stockholders of a company would accept a president’s excuse that he is unable to work with his management team, and therefore, he can’t get anything accomplished? Yet that’s what President Obama is saying, because he is unable to work with Congress, even though he had a friendly Congress for the first two years of his administration. 
Do you think the stockholders of Coca-Cola or Home Depot would hire a kid straight out of college to run their companies? That’s exactly what the American people did three years ago. They hired an inexperienced person with no management experience to run the largest economy in the world. President Obama never worked in a corporation, owned a business or ran a state as governor. He was in over his head the day that he took office. Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric, is a big Obama supporter. I wonder if he would step aside and let Barack Obama run GE. OK, you can stop laughing now.
President Obama wants to raise his company’s revenue by raising our taxes, not by cutting the government’s spending. He believes the answer to creating jobs is to spend his company into bankruptcy. He believes that regulating every aspect of his business will help him better run his company. However, regulation is what is keeping American companies from growing. 
It’s time to replace an inexperienced sharp talker with someone with experience growing a company or managing a large state or who knows how to get cooperation from a diverse group of people, such as Congress.
The stockholders of America need to fire the existing, excuse-making president before he can do any more damage to our company and hire an experienced executive. 

Calderone is a conservative who lives in Midway.

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