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Letter to the editor: Coastal Climate Action Campaign needs your help
Letter to the Editor generic

Friends of Coastal Georgia:

Georgia is long overdue in addressing the urgency of effective action to reduce the causes of climate change. Climate damages are especially great in coastal areas, but they endanger everyone.

Ongoing news reports underscore the destructive dangers of flooding, drought, wildfires, crop failures, and extreme heat that must be curbed as soon as possible by reducing emission of greenhouse gases. These climate-induced events are degrading the health of our communities and our basic quality of life, and without political reforms they will grow much worse.

The Center for a Sustainable Coast has applied for a grant from USA TODAY to help us ramp-up our efforts to inform, prepare, and mobilize coastal Georgians to become actively involved in upcoming election decisions and legislative proposals (state and federal) that are essential to making progress on policies that will help curtail the causes and damaging consequences of climate change.

Your help is vital to the Center’s ability to meet these formidable challenges this year.

A requirement of the grant application is raising at least $3,000 in matching funds by July 31st using the online fundraising platform Mighty Cause.

At you will find more information about the Center’s proposed project and how you can assist by donating toward meeting our matching requirement. You can make your donation anonymously if you wish.

Note that we have set a goal of raising $5,000, well above the $3,000 required minimum match.

By setting a more ambitious goal we hope to enable the Center to achieve even more through this urgent, time-sensitive project.

In addition to your much-needed funding support, we welcome your questions, advice, and involvement. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss this project or other Center activities.

We would greatly appreciate your further assistance by sharing this message with others who may be willing to support the Center’s efforts.

Thank you!

David Kyler, Co-Founder and Director Center for a Sustainable Coast

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