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Letter to the editor: Strickland hopes to continue serving on BOE
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Liberty County for their support during the past four years as I served as District 6 Representative for the Liberty County Board of Education. Having been raised in Liberty County and serving as a teacher and a registered nurse, I feel strongly that it is my calling to continue to serve all of the students, parents and staff in Liberty County. I am committed to making sure every child receives an excellent education, allowing them to pursue all their dreams for the future. I am equally committed to making sure staff, students and parents receive the safe and supportive environment that they deserve.

When I joined the Board, the district’s accreditation had been placed on probation by AdvancED. During my term on the Board of Education, the probation status has been removed and the accrediting agency has restored the rating to accredited and complimented the district for “its progress and commitment to meeting the Accreditation Performance Standards on behalf of learners in the district.”

During my term on the Board, the district has successfully navigated the pandemic and has been highlighted as a model for other districts. The graduation rate has increased from 84.98% in 2018 to 92.11% in 2021. We have increased the fund balance and successfully renewed ESPLOST, which allowed the Board to roll back the millage rate this year, saving taxpayers money on their property taxes, all while continuing to have clear audits for the past 36 months. We have renovated five schools and plan to renovate more schools this summer.

We have made sure that all of our buses are air conditioned and increased salaries for many of our critical workforce. In the past four years, the district has paid out more than $360,000 in signon bonuses, and in the 2022 fiscal year, just over $5 million has been paid in retention incentives and one-time supplements.

In addition, the district has increased opportunities for our students including new courses, mentorships, additional technology, community and college partnerships, and new resources for all grade levels. We have celebrated the success of our students, staff and schools as they represent the district on local, state and national competitions and awards at each level. We have increased communication with stakeholders through social media, LCSS website, and phone and text services in order to ensure that students, parents and staff receive information that is accurate and timely.

I would like to continue to serve the Liberty County School System as the District 6 Board of Education Representative. I am committed to continuous improvement and will work diligently to ensure students, staff and parents are provided a safe learning environment, exceptional facilities and resources that encourage college and career readiness for all of our students.


Donita Strickland

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