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Letter to the editor: Why do we Relay? To celebrate another year of birthdays!
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor,

I would like to take the time to talk about the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life program and this year’s event on May 13, 2022. For those who Relay or are involved in the Relay for Life program, we know it started in September 2021 with meetings and team organizations. The meetings, organizing and fundraising allow for team building in preparation for May 13, 2022. Throughout the year, we asked, “WHY DO WE RELAY?” The common thread is that cancer has touched each of our lives in some way.

At the Relay, we witnessed many stages of the event, like the Survivor’s Dinner, the Survivor’s Kick-Off Lap, the lighting of the Luminarias, and each lap walked by team members. The Survivor’s Walk celebrates those who have been through the fight of their lives and remembers those who were here the past year(s) and are no longer here. The lighting of the Luminarias is a very emotional time for those fighting, and those who have fought the various cancers are recognized again. It gives those present a time to reflect and remember all those individuals who have been touched by cancer.

This year was exceptional because we had no idea if we would have an in-person, drive-thru or Zoom event. Because of the pandemic, the Relay for Life Event Leadership for Liberty County prepared for the many methods to celebrate and remember those touched by cancer. Bryant Commons was the chosen place for the event, and it made the event very joyful. We got to reunite with old friends, new teams and new team members and support individuals who were just starting their fight with cancer.

Why do we Relay? To continue the fight, support survivors, raise funds for research, educate, counsel caregivers and individuals with cancer, and above all, celebrate more birthdays.

So, I look forward to May 12, 2023, when we once again see old friends, make new friends, and enjoy the fact that we made it possible for more birthdays for our survivors and family-fun activities. This is one of the reasons WHY I RELAY!!!

Percy Price, Hinesville, Ga.

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