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Letter to the editor: Neighborhood’s appearance in decline
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Dear editor:

Over the past several years I’ve observed the declining state of our neighborhood’s upkeep and appearance within Country Club Estates residences.   

It began with neighbors, on both sides of my home, parking their tractors (Semi-Trucks) in the driveways of their homes for extended periods when they’re in town.  This is/was against the covenant that residents received as part of their purchase contracts when they bought their homes in our neighborhood.  I complained to the agency that manages covenant enforcement in city hall with no results.  My written complaint, with attached photos received no action.  

My complaint to the Board of Equalization had no effect, except for my property taxes being raised again.  With that said, I notice that the residents of Cherokee Rose, down the street, have no such problems with Semi Cabs (tractors) parking in the driveways of their homes!  You do not see any.  

Also, there’s the issue of squatters infiltrating the neighborhood of Country Club Estates.  Such squatters come in all ethnicities. Several of them living in our neighborhood homes.  Not one of them owns or operates a lawnmower.  Yards are overgrown, trash and tree limbs laying around everywhere and trash cans can’t contain all their garbage.  I see no such squatters in Cherokee Rose’s homes!  Why?  Their covenants are being enforced?  Why not in Country Club Estates?  Such squatters belong in apartments and mobile homes where there is no requirement to keep up yards and exteriors.  

In the meantime my property taxes keep escalating, and it’s not because of the beauty and upkeep of our homes.

Johnny Howard


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