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Letter to the editor: We’re not better off with Biden
Letter to the Editor generic


In a recent posting, the author thanked the ALMIGHTY that Joseph Biden is POTUS. I wonder if the writer has been in a 15-month self-imposed isolation in a basement somewhere. If that be the case, looky here: 

INFLATION: 20 Jan 21 — 1.2%, NOW — 7.9%

FUEL: 20 Jan 21 — $2.68/gal, NOW — $5.00+/- (NOTE: Worse for the diesel our truckers use) AFGHAN: Botched drawdown in August resulting in 13 servicemembers KIA after 18 months of NO combat deaths. $80 BILLION of military hardware left on the ground that should have been returned to the US or given to those in need or our NATO partners.

BORDER: Over 1,000,000+/- illegal border crossers caught and RELEASED in 2021 (yes, 1 MILLION). At least 2,000 of them were Russian and folks from terrorist countries who have vowed “Death to America.” Over 100,000 American deaths attributed to fentanyl poisoning brought over the border illegally. Child and sex trafficking caught at record-smashing numbers (NOTE: and these numbers don’t account for the gotaways).

COVID: Many countries had already initiated at-home test kits when in October 2021 POTUS refused to order same. They were only ordered in January after the “COVID holiday surge.” How many lives were unnecessarily lost by our “leading from behind” leadership?

UKRAINE: Appears our POTUS facilitated the incursion by Russian military. Held up the supply to Ukraine of military stocks promised. POTUS then stated publicly a “minor’’ incursion by Russia might not be heavily punished.

SNIFFER: POTUS still continued in 2021 to awkwardly touch little girls and sniff their hair.

And this list is just abbreviated reality. Get up. Get out. Read several different newspapers, not just one. Watch several news casts from different affiliates. Go to the grocery store or buy some gas for self-confirmation.

Perhaps instead of “7 Holy Virtues,” 7 Deadly Sins would be more appropriate. 

Bruce A. McCartney. Trade Hill Community

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