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Liberty proves its generosity again
Courier editorial
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Liberty County’s residents and business community have proven their generosity and caring once again — this time in support of homeless pets.
Since the Coastal Courier began promoting its first “Liberty Pets” photo contest — a donation drive for the local humane shelter — on Jan. 28, we’ve received more than 120 entries accompanied with much needed pet supplies.
The official winners — we say “official” because all of the entries are winners to us — will be announced Sunday, March 25 in a special publication, “The Pet Gazette.”
The Pet Gazette will feature the “Liberty Pets” contest entries, highlight the winners and include a variety of information of interest to pet owners. There will also an update provided about the Liberty Humane Shelter, the donations its recently received and what those donations mean for the dogs and cats, puppies and kittens at the facility.
To date, hundreds of pounds of dog and cat food, and cat litter have been already been taken to the shelter, with more to be delivered soon.
Additionally, pet toys, carriers, chews, collars, leashes and many other items — including monetary donations — have been given to the shelter as a result of the contest.
Furthermore, there have been people who did not enter the contest but chose to make a donation to the shelter anyway. Their contributions have helped increase the capacity at the shelter and made life a little more comfortable for the animals housed at the facility.
Such an outpouring of support is truly uplifting. It shows — once again — the positive things that can happen when a community works together to accomplish a goal.
We saw the power of giving during the holiday season when local families lost their homes to separate fires. Liberty County responded and helped fill a void.
This time, the community’s generosity was focused on domestic animals that are either lost, have been abandoned or never had a home in the first place.
While those “disposable pets” may not be able to voice their appreciation for having food to eat, a place to sleep and medicine for their injuries, there are many of us who can say a heartfelt “thank you” to those who have given their time, money and efforts to help them.
Your selfless deeds are greatly appreciated. Please know you have made a positive difference in numerous lives — non-human and otherwise.
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