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Long 911 needs work
Letter to the Editor
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Your story on the tragic shooting of the child in Long County reported accurately that the little boy had to be taken to Liberty Regional Medical Center by private transportation.

As a Long County resident, what direly needs to be reported on — and resolved by the appropriate officials — is the long response and delay in receiving needed medical assistance in the county.

This was not — and probably will not be — the first or last occurrence of someone calling 911 for assistance and being told that needed assistance will not arrive for a lengthy time. I think this child’s family was told it would be 20 minutes before an ambulance could be dispatched, which is why the child was transported via private vehicle in an effort to receive medical care.

It is imperative for medical aid to be rendered as quickly as possible — something that, sadly, Long County 911 has proven time and time again that it cannot provide.

Beverly Calhoun

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