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Midway officials aquit themselves well, especially chief of police
Letters to the Editor

Editor, Allow me to use this means to call attention to an incident I recently witnessed in Midway while having breakfast at Angie’s Diner, across from Midway Museum.
There is a group meeting of older men, although there are several ladies who, from time to time, are in regular habit of dining, having coffee and exchanging tales as well as discussing issues of our current situations.
This group has been meeting for over 10 years in Midway, and Angie and her husband, Kevin, graciously attend to our presence.
On that Tuesday, one of the oldest attendees, upon finishing his breakfast, seemed to drowse as he sat at the head of the table. These folks are in their 70s and 80s, so his drowsiness did not draw much notice at first.
However, in a few minutes, it became apparent that he was unable to be awakened. A call was made to 911 as well as to Midway City Hall. I want to report just how much I was impressed by the EMS as well as the Midway Police Department.
The first to arrive was the chief of the Midway PD, Kelli Morningstar. She instantly took control of the situation and, with cool and deliberate direction, began to assist and aid the victim. This particular victim has struggled with a bad heart and various other ailments for many years, and he is a lifelong resident of Midway.
Chief Morningstar performed her duties and directed the other respondents very professionally throughout. Bystanders, however, also could see her personal caring manner in which she spoke both firmly but kindly to the victim.
We who live in or visit Midway are indeed fortunate to have such fine people as Chief Morningstar to serve and protect us.
Traditionally we have known that our law enforcement personnel are empowered to enforce, but also are there to serve.
That morning at Angie’s, I had witnessed some of the finest service to mankind that I’ve ever seen by a police person in that demonstrated by Chief Morningstar, as well as all of the other fine officials who came to assist. The city of Midway is to be commended for providing such fine service to the citizens and visitors.
It potentially was a bad day that turned into a very good one under the cool, professional but kind attendance of duty by Chief Morningstar and others of her force.
I am proud to have been witness to this set of circumstance.

-Jimmy Smith

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