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Midway scrapes by with discount-store economy
Midway prespective
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Midway is growing dollar by dollar. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the Dollar General, you will soon be able to walk next door and shop in a Family Dollar.

It’s pretty pathetic that Midway draws only dollar stores rather than hotels and manufacturing. Hinesville gets the hotels and the county gets the manufacturing.

I guess the residents of Midway are calling the City Mall too much with their complaints. The mayor wants to spend $8,200 to buy a new phone system. That comes out to $1,600 for each of the five employees who regularly answer the phones.

Street lighting for Lyman Hall, fire hydrants on Butler Avenue, repair and upgrade of other hydrants or a drainage system on Butler would better serve the citizens.

Martin Avenue has one street light for every two houses. Gloucester has one light for every three houses. And Hickory Hill has one light for every five. Councilman Doyle has been fighting to get more street lighting for Lyman Hall for three years, as there is only one street light for 98 houses.

Our shopping and business district on Butler has no fire hydrants to protect the businesses. In addition, a report from the fire chief indicates that out of 106 fire hydrants, 68 percent are rated as fair, poor or inoperative with some missing. How is the one in your neighborhood?

Butler has no drainage system for water runoff, resulting in water retention ponds being located behind Dollar General, Family Dollar and on the next lot. These will be breeding grounds for mosquitoes and a dangerous attraction for children who could fall in and drown. Do you know where your children are when you are shopping?

Talk about not thinking things through — a company wants to build a small shopping center on the corner of Isle of Wright Road. The city council said that if Highway 84 is widened and a turning lane put in, there would not be enough land left for parking. The obvious solution would be to move 84 south on the empty field rather than cut into the parking space for the shopping center should the highway be widened. I would hate to lose more businesses when there is a simple fix.

Calderone is a conservative who lives in Midway and has written for trade publications in various fields.

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