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More support for former city manager
Letter to the editor


I too can no longer remain silent and I feel bad for not having voiced my support for Mr. Edwards sooner!

Indeed, a sad day to open the Coastal Courier and to see that Mr. Edwards has already accepted his severance package and decided to vacate his position as city manager. I can’t say I blame him under these most regrettable circumstances.

So, I would like to join the gentlemen Mr. Ratcliffe and Mr. Gillam in thanking Mr. Edwards for his dedicated, successful and very patient service to the city of Hinesville and it’s citizens.

I moved to Hinesville in 1994 and when I compare the city scape then and now I can only thank Mr. Edwards for the great contributions he made to make this forward movement a reality.  

I consider Mr. Edwards a true professional and gentleman and I think he will be greatly missed by many.

Thank you, Mr. Edwards, wishing you all the very best in the future!

Margit Velasco

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