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NAACP leader: Give Trump a chance
Graylan Quarterman
Graylan Quarterman is president of the Liberty County NAACP. - photo by File photo

As Liberty County transitions under President Elect Donald Trump’s administration, I humbly request that all citizens respect the office of the president of the United States by giving President-elect Trump the opportunity to fulfil his words of being a president for all.

The National and Local NAACP will stand in support by watching his cabinet appointments and policy decisions.

Our country has just experienced one of the most dramatic illustrations of the Pygmalion effect.

The Pygmalion Effect is a type of self-fulfilling prophecy where if you think something will happen, you may unconsciously make it happen through your actions or inaction and the Trump campaign has fulfilled that prophecy.

So let me give you a word of prophecy: Liberty County Branch NAACP will watch our local policy makers and how they govern under the Trump administration.

We will hold you accountable with inclusive oversite.

I commend our local candidates who did not run with divisive campaigns and the winners must lead as such.

Liberty County must keep our focus of being team-oriented which involves the effort of inclusion for all people along the way.

Our elected leaders must consider empowering private citizens to make crucial recommendations to them about the community affairs.

We have asked citizens to pass a local sale tax, which will raise approximately $54 million in revenue, and now we all must share the benefits. The NAACP request that our elected officials focus on equal economic inclusion.

Thanks for entrusting me as your Liberty County NAACP Branch president for another term.

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