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New school year brings optimism
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This week, school bells rang and the 2012-13 academic year began. Some kids welcome it, others don’t. Parents also likely have mixed feelings about the start of another term.

That’s understandable.

It means, after all, that another summer is gone, another year begins and kids get a few semesters closer to being all grown up.

Even in today’s fast-paced world, the beginning of a school year is an important landmark in the life of a family, from those starting school for the first time to high-school seniors heading into their last year of compulsory education. It’s the same in the life of a community, as we begin to look forward to football games, fall festivals, field days and all those activities that help us remember what it’s like to be young.

While we’re thinking of school days, let’s remember, also, to be safe. Look out for school buses and school-crossing zones, and urge parents to exercise caution and patience when dropping their children off at school. We urge teen drivers to remember that their decisions can have lasting impacts, so drive safely and buckle up.

Most importantly, let’s remember that school is about preparing youngsters for the future — their future, of course, but ours as well. And nothing is more important to our community’s future than a thriving education system.

We are blessed to have the energy of caring, involved parents and talented teachers.

Indeed, from notable past educators to those now in classrooms and behind the scenes, Liberty County schools — public and private — are the result of a great deal of hard work and dedication.

Additionally, extracurricular activities already are under way. School sports teams are hard at work and students who take the time to become involved in social and learning clubs will benefit from enhanced academic experiences.

That’s worth celebrating. After all, at a time when education in this state makes headlines for cheating administrators and entire staffs being fired, it’s comforting to know this community’s children are in good hands.

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