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No SPLOST until debt service gone
Letter to the editor

Editor: Are you for or against SPLOST? I suggested in a previous letter to the editor that the county commissioners remove the debt service from SPLOST and give the $12,500,000 to the cities where it will benefit the residents the most. Just imagine what your city can do with this money.

I even sent a letter directly to Chairman Donald Lovette. Of course, he ignored it. Why do we keep voting for the same incompetent and unqualified people to run Liberty County? They just don’t know how to handle our tax dollars. Now, they are repackaging the old SPLOST, hoping to get voter approval this year. As before, I am totally against SPLOST — not that we can’t use some of the items on the list, but because the county commissioners have already proven that they can’t be fiscally careful.

They got in over their head with the justice center and now they want us to bail them out. They wasted money on the airport extension to nowhere, and now they want more of our hard earned money to pay for their folly.

Commissioner Justin Frasier even admitted that SPLOST was originally for roads; and we have plenty of dirt and deteriorating roads. Commissioner Eddie Walden basically admitted that the county has a serious debt problem. The lack of serious business experience among the commissioners is the reason that we have this debt. Now, they expect us to blindly get them out of the mess that they got themselves into, pulling us taxpayers into the mire. Let the special interest groups pay the debt service.

Because of special interest projects like the justice center and the runway, it is no wonder that the voters voted down SPLOST last time; and hopefully, again this November. No to SPLOST!

Since Donald Lovette has no business experience and has led the county commissioners in these tax-wasting projects, it is time to replace him.

Voters, Nov. 8 is our opportunity to take back the control of the way our taxes are spent. Send a message. The debt service should not be paid for with SPLOST funds.

Len Calderone


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