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Of elections and magician’s tricks
Dee McLelland new

We have a little over a month before we head to the polls for our next presidential election.

Is there enough Tylenol on the shelves?

In the last election we were faced with a pretty unsavory collection of candidates in Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The American people chose Trump, who at times has acted like a real leader, but also he has acted like a spoiled child.

Meanwhile over the last four years, the Democrats made it a mission to undermine and whine about each and every move they deemed not to their liking.

This type of unrest in our government has led to a variety of riffs and distance between the entire American populace. It has become commonplace to look for differences rather than similarities. We also have the lingering threat of Covid-19 and social unrest as racism and police brutality have been in the headlines constantly.

What better time to hold an election?

I have always held that my beliefs place me somewhere in the middle between republicans and democrats, and more importantly, I think I fall in the same spot where most Americans are. I believe the majority of Americans neither swing dramatically to the left or right.

As Americans we are afforded many opportunities that do not exist in other parts of the world. As Americans we can strive for success if we are willing to put in the work and effort needed to succeed. I understand that racism exists and does play a factor in a person’s ability to achieve their goals, but I also know that racism exists in all camps. From most mass media outlets it seems the narrative of racism is portrayed in a singular fashion which in turn leads to even further differences and division among our society.

What better time to hold an election?

Police brutality and corruption also has been on the minds of Americans. Yes, there are bad cops, but I, like many Americans, feel they are outnumbered by the good cops. We are told by both parties they have a plan to end the brutality and make sure we feel safe no matter the color of our skin. I believe most Americans would say there is no place for police brutality and any indiscretions should be dealt with in our courts of justice, not with more violence in our streets.

As I write this column it occurs to me that it has seemed we have been thrown curve balls almost every week. Our disorganization on the federal government level can sometime seem fuzzy as we are distracted by other issues, rants and protests.

The most amazing magicians are the ones who can distract you with sleight of hand. While you look to the left, the object is moved to the right and it suddenly appears from nowhere it seems.

Yes, America has problems. They are ones that have existed for way too long. Make no mistake, both parties will tell you they have the solution, but in truth they are making you look to the left so as to not see they are doing things on the right. Or, they could have you look to the right so as to not see what they are doing on the left.

From Covid-19 to racism our problems are real. It will take a unification of our society to make real change and progress and as I write this I wonder how we can pull it off with our current ‘magicians’ in Washington.

My hopes are that whatever the presidential election results bring we can move forward as one society and not one separated by ‘magicians’ tricks.’

If you see me, say “Hey!”

Dee McLelland is the Publisher of the Coastal Courier and the Bryan County News.

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