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Walthourville water problems
It’s nice that Walthourville has decided to start enforcing the water ban. If I had known they didn’t care before, I’d have been outside with some of my neighbors washing the cars and watering the lawn. Oh well, that’s what I get for trying to follow the rules.
— Coastal Courier blogger lroome


Graduation not the end of growth
“I’m about to graduate college. I still don’t know who I am, but I’m not worried. My four years at the university have taught me much — the history of North Korea, what Thomas Hobbes wrote and how psychologists think the human brain works. I saw how the human brain doesn’t work during nights downtown.”
— Comment posted at

Bill Shipp: Long-ago horse
trading set up presidential primary

“The real-time clock on the 2008 presidential contest started ticking last week in the Deep South, in out-of-the-way Orangeburg, S.C. It took a bit of horse trading, much of it in Atlanta six years ago, to pin down the South Carolina beginning, but it worked.”
— Published in
Athens Banner Herald

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