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Opinions around the state
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King Day time to note failures and progress
“You can tell that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has become a genuine American hero because his memory is constantly being invoked in support of various social and political causes with the refrain:
“‘If Dr. Martin Luther King had lived, he would have ...’
“Sadly for the nation and what might have been, this preacher of such moral authority did not survive. He was assassinated April 4, 1968, a year that has become a landmark of divisiveness in American history.”
Source: Marietta Daily Journal

Jekyll planning will be watched by entire state
“The Jekyll Island Authority’s move to redevelop the faltering barrier island will be watched closely across the entire state.
“The 7.5-mile-long, 5,700-acre island — Georgia’s smallest barrier island — is close to the hearts of thousands of Georgians.
Talk to any longtime resident of the state about Jekyll Island, and you’re likely to hear a story or two about family vacations there, or time spent as a youngster at the University of Georgia’s 4-H Center, or trips to business and professional conventions held there.
“Sadly, those stories aren’t heard as frequently, and aren’t told as enthusiastically, as they once were. Over the years, the island’s lodging and convention facilities have become outdated. Jekyll is no longer the popular, affordable vacation choice for families that it once was, and its convention business has moved to other, updated locales.”
Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Perdue begins second term; Cagle, his first
Gov. Sonny Perdue says his second term will be about the future, about establishing a vision and good stewardship.
“I want to hand off a well-run state,” said Perdue, who frequently looked to the end of his second term Monday as he embarked on its beginning.
“(A state) whose principles will endure beyond a change of leadership, one whose children are at the top of their national class.”
Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle said he wants to revamp the state education system, giving local school systems more control.
Source: Macon Telegraph

This is too secret
“Everyone knows that they cast a secret ballot. Nobody is supposed to be able to find out how you voted. What nobody appeared to know before a recent court decision is that how the votes are counted is a proprietary secret to be known only by the private sector.
“That jaw-dropping concept was pronounced in Florida by Judge William Gary of the Second Judicial Circuit in (yet another) case of possible voting shenanigans in that state.”
Source: Rome News Tribune
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