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Political spin replacing science
It’s becoming apparent that conservative political ideology is taking control, not only over what citizens are told about the weather, particularly global warming, or the drugs they will be permitted to take, but also what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be permitted to do as far as public health is concerned.
This, an informed public might conclude, would come under the heading of political tampering with the very organization the public must trust should a health-related emergency occur. If this is the case, and several former directors of the CDC say that it is, the agency is following very dangerous path. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Dr. William Foege, who led the CDC from 1977 to 1983, told a symposium at George Washington University School of Public Health “there’s a perception that politics trumps science and the truth.”
— Macon Telegraph

King of clubs
Arnold Palmer knows a little something about starting a Masters Tournament. He’s done it 50 consecutive times.
— Augusta Chronicle

Send lions, not lambs to deal with terrorists
The founding fathers of this country made clear when they wrote the Constitution that our armed forces are always to be under civilian control, and that the civilian with ultimate command and responsibility for them is the president — not Congress."
— Marietta Daily Journal
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