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Presidential transfer not peaceful
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The inauguration of President Joseph Biden will be the first time in a hundred fifty years that the American peoples will not witness the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the other. #45 will leave our nation capital with full military honors as the battle for the soul of our nation continues. The sword of the truth has two edges and there will be blood.

The arrival of the great deceiver was predicted by Nostradamus over five hundred years ago and our country is totally divided. It is astonishing how easily peoples are deceived. It has taken decades of media propaganda and mind control techniques developed by the CIA and KGB since the 1950’s

Nearly half of the American population has turned away from the ideals of truth , justice and the American way, we are no longer the land of the free or the home of the brave. The nation the world looked up to as leaders of democracy. We have descended into total chaos, having abandoned our friends and allies for the sake of our enemies.

People have grown to accustomed to excepting a lie as the truth. 

They have rejected science and refuse to take doctors advise to simply wear a mask as the death toll continue to rise due to the incompliance of our leadership. Even our technology into our society is being rejected . Believing that a simple voting machine can not count paper ballots. Millions have even abandon the faith of our ancestors, the founding fathers for a man who walked to a church for a photo opt and held the bible upside down. He told his believer that he was their savior, who doesn’t offer them any hope of forgiveness.  Because he is not just or righteous

In the 1980’s the media asked if he would run for president and over thirty years he worked on his con job. Stop the steal was part of his 2015 campaign.  We the people voted him out of office base on the word of his own mouth. American loves a winner, yet #45 with a record of 1 win and 64 losses to take away States Right. He told his followers at our nation capital that something had been stolen from them because he was a winner, not a loser.

They took over our nation capital, fail to stop the congress from confirming Biden election as the 46 president of the United States of America. How long will our nation’s capital be a green zone? Will it be months or years because they felt they were right in their minds eye? These so call patriots have cost us, “we the people of the United States of America” our good name.  It goes to show that being right is not worth a dam when it leads to your own destruction.

President Joseph Biden needs Vice President Kamala Harris and their cabinet needs the support of all Americans as we move forward to restore faith in our democracy where all peoples are created equal . They will provide stable and competent leadership during these darkest hours of our nation’s history.

Ted Harris


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