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Protect your identity at Shred It! Day
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Another Community Shred It! Day is coming. It will be Nov. 19 at the Liberty County Health Department.

Consider reviewing your documents at work and at home to determine what can be destroyed. Outdated records to consider include bank statements, credit applications, insurance forms, prescription labels and paperwork, physician statements, etc., along with any receipts that show credit card numbers.

All of the paper shredded will be recycled. This is a great way to expand storage space and cut paper waste created by tossing records, which can put your identity at risk.

And, of course, we try to recycle all the paper products that we can.

Maybe the best idea of reducing paper waste is declaring your office completely digital. You can simply say no to paper. That may not be completely rational, but you can look for ways to reduce the amount of paper generated.

If you have to use paper for a number of purposes, here are some ideas to minimize paper waste:

Encourage everybody in the office to edit on computers before printing. If you still think printing drafts is necessary, print them on unused sides of paper that would otherwise be discarded.

Store most of the office files on computers.

Use both sides of a piece of paper. Set up computers to automatically print two-sided as well.

Use small paper pieces for memos.

Get rid of needless reports and reduce report sizes.

Make use of electronic and voice mail and avoid paper mail wherever possible.

Take action to decrease unsolicited mail.

Share and circulate documents, memos, reports and all other publications.

Post all office announcements in a central location or a shared electronic file.

Shred all the paper waste your office produces and reuse them for packaging.

And don’t forget to recycle paper waste.

Plan now to bring your records to the Shred Day from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nov. 19. The health department is at 1113 East Oglethorpe Highway. It will be in conjunction with our quarterly Recycle It! Fairs on that day. For questions about shredding documents or recycling at the Recycle It! Fairs, contact Keep Liberty Beautiful at 912-880-4888 or

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