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Questions for those who oppose Trump
Letter to the editor

Editor: I am at a complete loss as to why Democrats - and especially African-Americans - are so determined to fight President Trump on every single policy and executive action he has put forth.

It seems to me as an African-American woman that the president is doing a darn fine job after only a week on the job!

Help a sistah out: Why do so many blacks have soul ties to Barack Obama, who did nothing for blacks, and who told you coming into office that he was not your president, essentially?

For those of you who are Christians: Do you think God changed his mind about homosexuality because Obama said it was okay? Do you really want your daughters and granddaughters sharing a restroom with grown men?

Has baby murder suddenly become the Christian thing to do?

What about doing away with our borders? From antiquity, God himself set borders for the nations - a nation without borders is not a nation.

As for Israel, God promises blessings to those who bless Israel, and curses upon those who curse Israel. Surely no one objects to wiping ISIS off the face of the Earth?

And allowing anyone who wants to cross our southern border and immediately receive benefits many citizens don’t get - for free: food, housing, medical care, education, etc. - is not right.

What could possibly be objectionable about deporting criminal aliens?

"Sanctuary" cities? Are you kidding me?

Well, why not establish sanctuary cities for nonviolent African-Americans convicted of minor drug offenses?

What’s wrong with vetting people coming here from Muslim nations who practice Sharia law, and who want to murder every Christian in the world?

I guess some-a y’all changed your minds about moving to Canada.

Are y’all gonna turn down the tax breaks Pres. Trump is putting into place? What about the really good-paying full-time jobs Trump has already saved, and the ones he’s promised - y’all gonna turn those down too?

About that ACA: how many of y’all actually saved $2,500 a year on health care and were able to keep your plan and your doctor?

Y’all gonna insist on keeping Obamacare instead of the plan the Republicans put forth?

I know ya’ll are not racists and only supported Obama because he is black?

Help me, somebody, please. I really want to understand, all you staunch supporters of the former president.

Obama is now history, and the eight years of liberal, anti-Christian policies are now a thing of the past, thank God! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain; #WeAreStrongerTogether; #TheTruthWillMakeYouFree

Minister Gloria Brown


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