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Remembering Heritage Chapel
OpEd Letter - Swindal 1
The Heritage Chapel as it once stood. - photo by Photo provided.
OpEd Letter - Swindal 2
The chapel after it was bulldozed. - photo by Photo provided.

Dear editor:

For many of us the corner of Lindquist and Hase on Fort Stewart will never be the same. Heritage Chapel is no more! It was bulldozed to the ground on Monday, Sept. 24.

It is sad that this time there was no advocate like in 2003, when Kimberly Webster, the late wife of Major General William Webster, was instrumental in saving Heritage when it was to be torn down back then.

Heritage Chapel was built in the early 1940s and was an active chapel until about two years ago.  

During the past 40-plus years, the Lutheran and Catholic Congregations had their worship service there. 

I attended Heritage since 1975, and fondly think of the chaplains who served there over time, like David Hoh, Art Wienandt, Steve Nagler, Jimmy Rucker, Stephen Alsleben, Mike Lembke, Stan Jasiurkowski, Gary Moore and William Ralston.  

We were a family; we shared tears of joy and tears of sorrow.  Now only the memories will remain!

Rosemarie Swindal


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