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A response to letter on voting rights in Georgia

Really Rene?

Just some thoughts on your recently published letter, abbreviated for brevity.

I remember the days not so very long ago that Election Day was the ONLY day the Nation voted, 7am-7pm.  That night and the next day votes were counted, and winners normally declared.  The absentee vote of military was announced later and usually inconsequential.

For those who work two jobs as you state, there is early voting for weeks ahead of Election Day including weekends.

My college grandchildren eligible to vote were not restricted from voting and in fact did so, absentee. Being a retired military member, I know how SACRED THE RIGHT TO VOTE is and I am especially proud of them for exercising their right. 

If you don’t want to mail your absentee ballot, any of 18 relatives can deliver it personally for you.  Now an ID is required the same as walk up voting.  If you don’t have one you can get one for FREE.

Folks who go to the polls to vote have to provide ID.  So should those who vote absentee.  Sometimes, due to my disabilities I have to vote absentee and I’m not offended by now having to provide an ID to vote absentee.  Good for the goose, good for the gander.

If the line to get in to cast my vote is overly long (as it used to be when there was only one day to vote), rest assured no one is prevented from getting drink or even a 4 course meal if desired.*

A lot of voters don’t share your confidence in the security of our election after viewing the Staples Center video, or the on-camera interview of the two individuals who admitted to allowing their address to be used to register thousands of ‘alleged’ Georgians.

While demonizing politicians on the right, did you know, or perhaps forget D’s were the overwhelming MAJORITY of votes AGAINST the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  If the R’s had joined them, the law wouldn’t have been enacted and the nation would still be living with a dark cloud over us.

There are many varied opportunities for Georgians to exercise their right to vote.  With the passage of SB 202 all those opportunities now provide the same protections for all to prevent anyone from being disenfranchised. 

If ALL counties emulated the Liberty County Voting operation SB 202 would not be a necessity. 

Would welcome a further in-depth look at the bill if you’d like to Brunch, I’ll bring my copy of the bill.

Bruce A. McCartney

Trade Hill Community

*Prohibitions including food and drink “(1) Within 150 0f the outer edge of any building…”(SB202 Sec 33 page 73)  These prohibitions have been in place for many years and advertised with LARGE SIGNS posted.


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