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Senator wrong on VA claims wait time
Letter to the editor

Editor, In the recent Courier article announcing Sen. Isakson’s visit to Hinesville on Sept. 5, Isakson was quotes as saying, “As you may know, it takes the VA an average 478 days to make a determination on a VA claim. That’s more than a year. Although there are signs of improvement, it’s still taking too long.”
Knowing that may be the case in other states but definitely not in Georgia, I just had to attend the Friday meeting. As if on cue, the 428-day wait period was addressed, as stated, in the Sunday edition.
The problem is, this 428-day wait period the senator speaks of actually is more than double what Georgia’s 774,464 veterans experience. A handout provided at the meeting provides past and current wait times for Georgia veterans’ claims. According to information from the Atlanta Regional Office, veterans actually are waiting less time for decisions. In January 2013, they waited an average of 229.6 days compared to 135.3 days in August. 2014 — a 94.3-day improvement.
Additionally, according to candidate Michelle Nunn’s website, she thinks the claim backlog wait is 317.8 days.  Not sure exactly what the .8 day equates to.

— Bruce A. McCartney
Trade Hill community

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