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Seniors shouldn't have to pay school taxes
Letter to editor

Editor, I recently contacted Buddy Carter’s office concerning seniors in Liberty County having to pay school taxes. He replied in writing, stating that seniors in Georgia (according to Gov. Deal) do not have to pay school taxes. However, he stated that some counties are still charging seniors.

I have lived in Liberty County for 23 years and have paid these taxes all that time. I am now 75 years old and am still being charged these “illegal” taxes. The way I see it is Liberty County owes me 10 years of overcharges. They all stand behind each other in the tax assessor’s office and the tax commissioner’s office. Buddy Carter’s office states that there is a form to fill out for school tax exemption, yet the tax assessor’s office goes into detail about how your school taxes are assessed according to the value of your property.

I’m not done with this issue yet. I plan on totaling what I have been charged for school taxes for the last 10 years, since I am now 75 years old, after which I will be sending the tax assessors my bill. My home consists of 832 square feet of living room. It was built in 1972 as a “vacation cottage.” I lived in a 1989 trailer in Chatham County and sold it in 1993 in order to purchase my property.

Has anyone at the tax office taken any of this into consideration? I think not. A letter in the Savannah Morning News was recently titled “Seniors: The Forgotten Americans.” Amen.

Dot Moss
Lake George

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