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Shame on Dee McLelland for his column
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor,

I just received my CC for this week (Nov. 11), a day early I presume because of Veteran’s Day. I opened to the Opinion page and saw Dee’s column. 

Within the first few paragraphs my blood pressure went sky high. After repeating words that have been used to try and unite our country, he then turned around and blamed Democrats for all of the ills of the last four years! 

Divisiveness? Donald Trump holds the title as King. Protests? You think Democrats were the only people protesting injustice? If that is true, shame on Republicans. 

Riots? Anyone with a clear mind knows that riots benefit no one, and those who start them have only their own agenda. Legal Challenges? After what the Republican Party is currently trying to do to our election, you dare to blame Democrats? 

The messages currently being sent out from our President-elect are words that should be conveyed by any competent leader of this country. Unfortunately, it is one of the things that has been missing these past four years. Whatever your political views or party affiliation, this country is currently deeply divided and we need to re-establish the norms of civility and respect for each other, even as we disagree. That is what will enable us to move forward.

Nicolet Seale


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