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Soldiers good deed restores faith
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As one follows the daily news and sees the epidemic of violence, thievery and the lack of honesty that abounds, it is not hard to lose faith in our fellow man’s ability to be reliable and honorable. As I see more and more criminal activity happening closer to hearth and home, I grow increasingly cynical of mankind’s ability to be honest and less self-serving.
Today, I was given a perception adjustment. I was traveling through Hinesville on my way to Savannah when I stopped at McDonald’s/Clyde’s. I came outside to eat and foolishly laid my wallet on the bumper of my vehicle around 10:30 a.m.
We drove off and were at exit 204 in Savannah before I realized what I had done. I must be honest and say that I held no hope for my wallet being found and turned in to a manager. Needless to say, I was devastated.
We went back to Hinesville and scoured the bushes and looked through trash cans. Of course, we checked with the managers of both establishments. I filed a report with the Hinesville Police at 11:30 a.m. They were very cooperative and professional. I let Officer Craig know that I wasn’t holding out much hope that my wallet would be returned.
We had almost retraced our steps to Savannah when I received a call from my mother in Jesup telling me that a young soldier from Fort Stewart had found my wallet and taken it to the Jesup Police Station. I have never experienced such a rush of relief! My whole financial history had flashed before my eyes when I found that my wallet was missing, and my fiscal future looked bleak.
But one soft-spoken young man — without a thought of what he would get for doing a good deed — carried my wallet home. What a credit to Bravo Company and all of our people in uniform! Besides serving his country, he also was showing me and other skeptics that honesty is still alive and doing well.
I must commend his parents for instilling such honorable qualities in him and his military leaders for continuing to nurture such high moral character in our uniformed men and women.
Thank you, Nicholas, for restoring my faith in the honesty of mankind, and thank you for helping to preserve our way of life by serving in the armed forces. You have made a believer out of this cynical woman and everyone who has heard this story. May God continue to bless you in your endeavors and may you continue to show others the true way.

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