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Sound off Aug. 21
Sound Off
These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may anonymously submit a comment online at or by phone by calling 876-3733.

“Something needs to be done at Olvey Field during football practice. Many of the driving football players are parking in the handicap parking spaces with no handicap plates and/or stickers. I have a handicap plate and was not able to park in any of the spots due to these boys taking them all up. It’s sad that today kids think they can do whatever they want with no consequences.”

“Is anyone doing any follow up on why HB 7 has seemed to vanish? The bill was supposed to provide tax relief for retired veterans in Georgia.” (Editor’s note: If you go to and look up HB 7, it shows that the bill had a second reading on Jan. 28 this year. Likely the state House will take up the bill again during the 2020 legislative session.)

“I submitted applications for jobs and I found out that the county administrator and assistant county administrator will throw employment applications out if they DON’T like you.  That’s how you treat hard working people trying to make a living?  Must be nice to work where you do with a lot of authority over tax payers who supplements your paycheck.”

“Convocation will last one hour” another lie. Who organized that mess? Two hours long. Sat on the bus for 30 minutes after a 5-minute ride. Walked a mile to find our bus once it was over. Forgot to shout out our school. Called the same raffle numbers and awarded multiple people multiple gifts. Stick to selling used cars and reading our mission from a slide. Let us teach!”

“In the days of social media- isn’t interesting that your social accounts can be used to determine your school acceptance, jobs, promotions, and etc.   They keep telling us that you must be held accountable for your social presence.   So why isn’t Donald Trump- shouldn’t he be held to higher standard?”

“Why does Liberty County pick and choose who they want to help get certified with the provisional certification process? One year is not long enough time to help people to get provision. So you’re going to let people work provision for a year but send perfectly good people off to other counties; when the state allows up to three years to work for under a provisional certification?”

“Are you going to give the deputy superintendent the same accountabilities as the previous C.O.O.? So he can stop running around in cars? Making quick pop in when he is late so he can get clocked in or instructing after hours?”

“Liberty Animal control lady told me she was going to contact my chain of command.  For what?  After you cussed at me and told me things that is irrelevant to my situation.  Wow.  Liar at its best.  Lady, I will be contacting your boss if I haven’t done so already!”

“Can you believe it? Dr. Perry or his Deputy Dr. Barbara wrote a sound off on August 14. We recognize those run on sentences. Too funny.”

“You have no idea how much pleasure I get reading about how our President gets your tail feathers ruffled.”

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