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Sound off for Aug. 4
Sound off 092715

“I just love it when Liberty County employees voice their opinions without having all the facts.  Here’s an idea, how about calling the finance office to understand the reason for changing the way payroll is processed. Why create your own disgruntled version of something without having all the facts? Don’t worry Liberty County employees, you will be paid for the hours you work. It’s that simple. Period.” 

“In Saturday’s sound off the caller was complaining about President Trump pardoning, Cassius Clay, aka Muhammad Ali, and he may not remember but Jimmy Carter gave amnesty to all the draft dodgers that fled and went into foreign countries for the same thing, even worse. Read the history.”

“Is it me, or has your fish wrap become an anti-Trump version of the Washington Post? I have submitted several pro-Trump sound offs but all I see are the far left liberal whiners. I do believe your paper is now being run by Democrat snowflakes. I dare you to print this one.”

“This is a thank you to Georgia power. I had a little problem and it was very prompt getting taken care of. Again, thank you for the service.”

“Is it legal for there to be a speed detection sign that’s placed on Varnedoe Street in front of residents’ homes? I agree vehicles do speed through that street quite often. But I wonder if residents put that up themselves and is that legal or did they have permission from the city?”

“Patty Leon. They should have left you writing articles on food. Your fish wrap has really gone downhill since you took over. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Again, I dare you people to print this one.”

“Liberty County Administrator Joey Brown made a major mistake the other day when he called only professionals will be serving Lake George Fire Department. What’s the matter with the volunteers? We meet the same standards as the quote so-called professionals.  The only difference is we are career-paid or career-volunteer. We are all equal.”

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