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Sound off Aug. 7
You can leave a short message by calling 912-876-3733 or going to that will be considered for inclusion in a future Sound off.

“Have a Great School Year Liberty County School System! We have some talented Administrators. Except one.” 

“Commissioner Justin tell your barber shop guys to stop all that CUSSING.  It’s not good; especially around kids.”

“The new Superintendent of Schools for the Long County School System sure needs to hire someone to proofread his correspondence.  His spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes are too horrible to overlook.  Is this REALLY who we have at the HELM of our school system now?  No wonder we get such a bad rap. Tighten it up, people.”

“After listening to Buddy Carter last week- it is quite clear that he had not READ the Mueller report.  I guess we don’t pay him to read.”

“Dr. Perry, teachers voted against a convocation. Why did we have one this year? My classroom is where I wanted to spend my time.”

“Is it appropriate for a person who works for the Sheriff’s office and is running for City Council to campaign while he is on duty and in uniform?”

“Mr. Mayor of Hinesville your time is up. Go back selling houses.”

“I see on Facebook and Twitter Liberty County teachers are going to all these trainings. I hope they use it in the classroom.”

“The (7/31/2019) political cartoon is a perfect example of how the Democrats create the illusion that Republicans are trying to divide the populace. Every time a Republican says anything the Democrats cry ‘racism.’ The constant whining by them does nothing but create disharmony. Sir, I have seen racism in this country and this is NOT racism. Stop watering the word down before it starts meaning nothing. You are disrespecting all that have fought and won to combat racism in the past.” 

“If you are a high school coach or principal don’t come to our system. We missed the first day of preplanning to hear Deputy Dawg fumble and bumble through two slides for an hour and then Dr. Perry rambled for an hour. How about calling us together in the summer instead of making us miss our new principal’s opening remarks. It should not be hard to figure out that we have two new principals at our high schools.  If this is what HS principals have to go through, they won’t be here long.”

“If our elected officials will not act to protect our environment, then it is up to us to do it...for the sake of our children, grandchildren, etc.  Each home should plant a tree, recycle, and try to stop littering. If we take care of our planet, it. Will take care of us. Symbiosis.”

“The Tea Party destroyed the Republican Party and now the progressives are doing the same to the Democrats.  Maybe it is time for an independent party.”

“In the Coastal Courier Keep Liberty Beautiful had an article on too much food going into the Liberty County land fill. A lot of food thrown out does not make it to the land fill. Because people go through the trash looking for the food we throw out that have no food. Same with clothing we throw out in the trash. People who don’t have the money to buy clothes go through the trash. All this creates a health problem. They throw big furniture items in the dry trash instead of taking the item to Goodwill. This is why dumpster areas are always trashy sites.”

“To zip code 31323, Riceboro; patrons who use the post office: have you noticed the filthy glass windows and door have finally been washed? And the light in the mailbox area is now operative? It was dangerous to pick up mail after dark. There’s all those trees that surround the building.  A patron, took it upon his own to clean the windows and door and put up wall flashlights. Then the lights got repaired. You can thank the postal patron who stepped forward to make things decent.” 

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