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Sound off for Dec. 12

“Just wanted to say that an earlier Sound Off about the LCSO was not exactly correct. Another deputy pointed his gun at an investigator and was demoted, not fired. What is most disturbing is the deputy, who is now accused of pointing his gun at another officer and his K9, was involved in deciding the punishment for the other deputy. I encourage all of you to ask for the video of this event, it was captured on body cam. Do not let this be swept under the rug.”

“Regarding city manager; he hasn’t been found guilty of anything yet.  What happened to one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law? JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED!  He who is without sin let him cast the first stone. Now I digress and going back to reading every inch of this newspaper. You should as well you might get enlightened and gain some knowledge along the way.”

“I was just wondering, the Ford dealership just finished building the dealership that’s rumored to be over $12 million dollars. Is there a reason that they intentionally deleted a flagpole? Just curious. Other businesses don’t have one either.”

“Dr. Perry please enforce a dress code for Liberty County teachers. Leggings should be banned.”

“The democrats put out a chart that no one in Georgia voted early for Kemp. I did, and I hope my early vote counted at that courthouse, the week before elections.”

“To the editor of the Coastal Fish Wrap, you must be backlogged with Sound Offs, I say this because I see one of my Sound Offs I called in over a month ago is finally in your newspaper (I’m using the term ‘newspaper’ very loosely here). You tell your readers to contact you and suggest ways to improve your fish wrap, well I suggested you publish more Sound Offs since that’s about the most interesting part of your paper.  Food for thought Denise.”

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