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Sound off for Dec. 5

“The two guys that robbed the pizza lady, I’ve got nicknames for them: their nickname is now Pizza Pizza.”

“Police officers, I beg you, please enforce the no-tailgating and no-speeding rule on Highway 84. It’s very dangerous, and that’s before IHOP or Krispy Kreme Donuts even opens. Please, please officers, make these tailgating speeders slow down. Give them tickets, and make them use turn signals. I mean, it’s in the driver’s manual, you’re supposed to leave a car length between you and the next car. Please officers, I beg you, I beseech you, please give more tickets for that and people on their cellphones. Thank you.”

“I’m just calling to find out why when I went to Fort Gordon for a doctor’s appointment last week, the gas prices on post were like $2.21. Why are the gas prices on Fort Stewart so high, and not reduced like all the other posts for the soldiers?”

“It is December and the children of McClelland Elementary School still are unable to go outside for physical activity. As a parent I am concerned for my child’s wellbeing. I understand the school’s concern due to the construction and retention pond but we are almost five months into school. Something should have been done to rectify the problem at this point. It sends a message that the Long County Board of Education is not concerned with the physical and mental wellbeing of the students; I can only imagine being stuck inside a building all day as an adult. Even prisoners are allowed a certain amount of time outside each day. I’m certain the lack of outdoor activity is not helping with behavioral issues or the childhood obesity epidemic.” 

“Thank you, Principal Williams at LFMS for the sidewalk. It was needed for years.”

“I just met with a Realtor and they told me I would have to pay 4 to 6 percent towards anyone going VA. What a rip off.  No one helped me with my closing costs.”

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