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Sound off for Dec. 8

“Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has an officer that pointed a gun at another officer as well as a K9 officer and received two weeks paid suspension. Another officer did the same thing and was fired. When is LCSO going start making it fair across the board?” (Editor’s note: When the Courier received this Sound Off, news staff began looking into these serious allegations. The LCSO is currently investigating the matter. See front page for the story. We cannot stress enough that this claim is – at this point – hearsay only, until more information is gathered and verified.)

“I voted for Trump because I was promised a wall to keep illegals out.  Mexico is not holding up their part of the bargain.  This is why Trump can’t get things done, because he doesn’t get the support he needs.”

“Would it be possible for the city to repaint the crosswalk at Bradwell St. and Stewart Way? It’s so faded out and traffic can’t see it anymore and it’s getting dangerous. I have to dodge every time I cross there.”

“These Sound Offs in today’s paper all sound like they were written by the same person (whiner).  What do you expect Sound Off or its readers to do for you?  Those sounds offs are only seen by folks that post on it or some who only read it but have no authority to do anything about what we post. Instead of being a whiner on Sound Off get off your butt, and take your fingers away from the keyboard and go to the authorities that need to know and file complaints with them about whatever it is you think is troubling you so.”

“Liberty County School System needs to do a better job of hiring administrators.”

“Not happy with your council member take it up at a council meeting.  Not happy with how city is run than take action and report it to proper authorities. Don’t blame Coastal Courier for your neighborhood being a ****hole now and you claim it used to be a nice neighborhood.  Their giving out a free paper isn’t what got it the way it is. You say you live there get a neighborhood watch going and help clean it up.”

“I’m just calling to say that I love the food at Old Times Buffet, but it is way too salty. Please cut down on the salt.”

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