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Sound off for March 16

“Wow, the Coastal Fish Wrap going to one day a week publication. My fish will have to last from Wednesday to Wednesday now, and I guess I’ll have to go back to buying some Charmin again. You were already a biased snowflake democrat newspaper so now we will only have to put up with your liberal BS but once a week. Thank you coastal fish wrap ladies. PS.  dare you to print this one.”

“LCHS soccer- have any of the coaches ever played soccer? It shows.”

“Retired Sgt. 1st class retired Vietnam veteran speaking. I think one of the prerequisites for being president of the United States is you should have served in the armed forces. How can you be a commander of the armed forces without having served in the armed forces?”

“Best of luck to all the teachers and students as they prepare for the upcoming assessments! You got this! Show what you know!”

“What happened to the kids’ corner? It’s half an empty space. It’s not funny anymore. It’s just disappointing even for us older people.”

“For this person that one’s more than one wife. Keep what you have. The Bible says one wife, one husband. I can’t believe this person puts his personal feelings in the paper.”

“The Fort Stewart soldier that killed Spud, my heart goes out not just to his family but to you. You’re an adult, you should know better than to drink and drive. This is not your first offense. The Fort Stewart people should do something about this and not just give you a slap on the wrist. You murdered that little boy, it was not time for him to go. So please get this investigation over with so this family can be at peace.”

“Do you want to be happy? Go and meet nice people under the steeple at Crossroads Holy Church of God on 196 in Hinesville.”

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