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Sound off for Nov. 10

“For we have a lot of land lords in Hinesville who run unsafe Mobile home parks. For my wife fell off the front porch because the railing gave way. It was rotted out at the bottom of one of the supports. And they have floors that are rotted out that someone could go through the floor. The houses and apartments could also be unsafe. For Fort Stewart needs to put rental housing off limits to their military personnel to include second hand houses for sale. You would think local government would control all these unsafe housing with health and welfare inspections. For you do it for restaurants why not housing? I live in County Commissioner Thrift’s part of the county. Shows she is not doing her job.”

“As parents and longtime supporters of the First Presbyterian Christian academy baseball program we are all in shock, the head baseball coach was dismissed last week with no explanation. Baseball program has been the most successful in the county for the past several years. The have made the state playoffs the five years in a row and last year they were the region champions. The head coach was named region coach of the year. The school and AD made a decision that shocked the team and whole baseball family. Please have the school board look into and advise the players and assistant coaches and plan for the future of this program.”

“Is anything ever going to come of Chick-Fil-A opening on Sunday?  A while ago there was a huge push for it to happen.  What happened to the customer always being right?”

“The voters in the first district need to wake up. The Republicans are going to cut our Medicare and our social security. We need to vote them out of office.”

“If the president sends them to the border to keep the aliens out, then he needs to approve the use of deadly force to let him do it.”

“Patty Leon or the democratic editor, here’s a suggestion which might help your declining newspaper. Move your Sound Offs where you only publish six or seven, to a page you where you can post 15 or 20 of them like before.”

“With all this talk about a booming economy, our first responders are finally getting some raises. All except the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Sikes got a raise, why not his employees?”

“Why are the support staff in schools not given a iPad like the students? Some students are breaking theirs and get loaners yet the paraprofessionals don’t get one at all. Priorities are in the wrong place LCSS.”

“To the teacher complaining about the gossip in school about other teachers, you are not only there to teach the children but set the example by your appearance, your dress, and your actions, so think about that.”

“I think I heard this correctly on WTOC news, that our mayor said our city manager was found in a prostitution ring that was only a misdemeanor.  If that’s the case I need to open the cat house since it’s only a misdemeanor. I think everyone knows why nothing will be done.”

“I have seen comments in past Sound Offs that Liberty needs to promote development at I95 and 84 in the form of shopping, restaurants, and family activities that travelers and locals want to patronize, but you have waited too long. Bryan County and Rayonier are beating you to it. Think of the jobs and tax revenues from such a development. Everyone east of you does NOT want to drive through Hinesville to shop and we do not need any more Wal-Marts. Bring in a Target or better yet - a Costco and watch the shoppers come!”

“How is Liberty County going to take care of the seniors who become homeless due to the Republicans taking away their Social Security and U.S. government pensions? And how are they going to feed them.  The Republicans are also going to take away Medicare and how is Liberty County going to take care of their medical needs? And the suffering this will cause when the suicide rate goes up in Liberty County? For I am a Democrat and I agree with the Young Republican on terminating life at 50 years old. Why make them suffer? And some of Hollywood movies become real life realities.”

“I served my country for over three decades active Army and the commander-in-chief sets a bad example for America. He does not treat others with dignity and respect. He has opted to put the lives of fellow Americans in danger. What a shame.”

“I have a suggestion for all you housewives that will save you money on your grocery bill. That is based on how the military saves on their grocery bill. First you inventory all the food you have on hand weekly. Second you put the food on hand into a weekly menu. And if you don’t have enough food on hand to complete a weekly menu then you make out a shopping list for the items that will complete the menu. For all the military mess halls have a weekly master menu that tells them what they will need for the week to feed the troops plus they match up headcount for averages of what QTY is needed. Then they send is a request (shopping list) to ration breakdown.”  

“To those espousing fear, or trying to, about what is going to happen to U.S. seniors and that one political party or another will take away our Social Security and Medicare you do not know what you’re talking about. Neither the Social Security nor Medicare is a freebie from the federal government.   We worked all our lives and put in money into Social Security which is and was and still is our pension plan for many of us.   Regarding Medicare anyone who has reached 65 or older and has worked during their adult life and put their money into Social Security when they start getting it at 65 part of that Social Security check has a certain amount kept back to pay for our insurance Medicare. We earned Social Security because we paid into it, and we pay for Medicare Insurance with money they take out each month from our social security check.  QUIT BEING IDIOTS and quit bashing each other in the red or blue line.  If you’re a whiner, and hide and don’t get out there and help bring solutions with each other then you are part of the problem.”

“This is for employers who usually give turkeys to their employees at Thanksgiving. This year please give your employees money instead of a turkey. For most turkeys end up not being cooked and end up in Liberty County dumpsters because wives don’t have time to cook them.”

“To the chick-fil-a person. THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT especially in today’s day and age.  We, as a society nor as a business, owe you nothing but courtesy, and great customer service when such business is open.  A business sets itself up to serve those that come to their business when they are open.  You either go to that establishment when they are open or you do without.  Chick-fil-a has the hours they have because they give their employees time to spend with family, church, and such.  They nor any other business is required to be open 24/7 or because you want it to be.   In your little mind you think there was a big push to get them to be open on Sundays but there were many more, their customers and the community supported them to run the business as they see fit.  CHECKMATE …. 1 win for Chick-Fil-A and the community and one loss for you.”

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