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Sound off for Nov. 17

“HELP! Superintendent Perry please help us TEACHERS at Frank Long. We need a change.”

“Lordy, Lordy, Lordy!  It appears the lunatics are out in force on Sound Off!  Most of you whiners do not make any sense.  When will you, who claim to call yourselves American citizens, start reading and studying the Constitution of the United States of America and realize this country was built with our living and dying to protect this great country of ours and not some damn party affiliation.  Most of us who live our dream as Americans are not whiners and do not push the red and blue line nor the purple one nor do we hide behind places like Sound Off whining about what we don’t like.   We go out there and become a part of the community we live in and work with each other no matter our differences and insure we protect and defend our constitution, our country and help make it better where we live.   GROW A PAIR and get out of the shadows and let folks know you want to work with each other even if we have differences and help make this a better community.  This country was not built on a party line venue but with the protection we have in our Constitution.   If you complain and do nothing you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.”

 “Donald Trump is by far America’s greatest pimp. I said that because he is pimping a great number of people much like Adolf Hitler played on the minds of some Germans spreading hate, fear to the point of murdering the Jewish people. The pimp is only about himself, a master grifter, and a pathological liar. If there’s hell below that’s where the pimp and his followers are going to go, much like Hitler and the Nazis party in the end.”

“The students at BI have been allowed to become the most disrespectful, rule breaking and unconcerned students.”

“Commander in chief is a military definition and with it comes the responsibility of setting the example. Why is it that our commander in chief is always bashing women?  He was bashing women the whole week but yet he is trying to tell this country how he is leading it. What is happening to the leadership at the very top of our American Republic?” 

“To the teacher complaining about the gossip in school about other teachers, you are not only there to teach the children but set the example by your appearance, your dress, and your actions, so think about that.”

“I have seen comments in past Sound Offs that Liberty needs to promote development at I95 and 84 in the form of shopping, restaurants, and family activities that travelers and locals want to patronize, but you have waited too long. Bryan County and Rayonier are beating you to it. Think of the jobs and tax revenues from such a development. Everyone east of you does NOT want to drive through Hinesville to shop and we do not need any more Wal-Marts. Bring in a Target or better yet - a Costco and watch the shoppers come!”

“How is Liberty County going to take care of the seniors who become homeless due to the Republicans taking away their Social Security and U.S. government pensions? And how are they going to feed them.  The Republicans are also going to take away Medicare and how is Liberty County going to take care of their medical needs? And the suffering this will cause when the suicide rate goes up in Liberty County? For I am a Democrat and I agree with the Young Republican on terminating life at 50 years old. Why make them suffer? And some of Hollywood movies become real life realities.”

“I served my country for over three decades active Army and the commander-in-chief sets a bad example for America. He does not treat others with dignity and respect. He has opted to put the lives of fellow Americans in danger. What a shame.”

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