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Sound off for Nov. 21

“Why was Kemp allowed to keep his attorney of state position for the duration of the primaries and election?  Just for the sake of looking bad he should have resigned and then people would not be so upset.”

“Administrators need to get off their A** and do something about this discipline and teachers will be willing to come to work. You are not in the classroom with all these disruptions. Do something and stop sending them back to class. Parents ask your kids what’s going on in the classroom, then complain, maybe that way teachers can get some relief and your child can learn.”

“Why do we have folks who have never improved a school leading our school improvement efforts? Our schools were steadily improving until we started second guessing, threatening and even firing our principals. Do we have principals who were never teachers? Then we shouldn’t have Executive Cabinet who were never principals. We even have a COO who never taught a single class of students. I’d leave that mess too. The hook up is alive and well and short term gains won’t last. Treat your people better Dr. Perry!”

“To the chick-fil-a person. THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT especially in today’s day and age.  We, as a society nor as a business, owe you nothing but courtesy, and great customer service when such business is open.  A business sets itself up to serve those that come to their business when they are open.  You either go to that establishment when they are open or you do without.  Chick-fil-a has the hours they have because they give their employees time to spend with family, church, and such.  They nor any other business is required to be open 24/7 or because you want it to be.   In your little mind you think there was a big push to get them to be open on Sundays but there were many more, their customers and the community supported them to run the business as they see fit.  CHECKMATE …. 1 win for Chick-Fil-A and the community and one loss for you.”

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