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Sound off for Nov. 24

“To the person who left a large box of $1 gift wrap on the front porch of a home on Eden Lane on Sunday night/Monday morning:  We have no idea why or what it is for, perhaps a fundraiser? Please come and get it.”

“Somebody told me not to join the minority chamber but I learned what they were about and see they do good work and it’s something we need. This crab in a barrel thinking is the main reason why small black and brown local businesses can’t make it here.”

“To the teacher complaining about the gossip in school about other teachers, you are not only there to teach the children but set the example by your appearance, your dress, and your actions, so think about that.”

“I have seen comments in past Sound Offs that Liberty needs to promote development at I95 and 84 in the form of shopping, restaurants, and family activities that travelers and locals want to patronize, but you have waited too long. Bryan County and Rayonier are beating you to it. Think of the jobs and tax revenues from such a development. Everyone east of you does NOT want to drive through Hinesville to shop and we do not need any more Wal-Marts. Bring in a Target or better yet - a Costco and watch the shoppers come!”

“I served my country for over three decades active Army and the commander-in-chief sets a bad example for America. He does not treat others with dignity and respect. He has opted to put the lives of fellow Americans in danger. What a shame.”

“Liberty County School Central Office sucks.  Why do we need TWO superintendents?”

“We are cleaning house at the Liberty County Board Education. Mrs. Verdell Jones and Mrs. Guyett, you’re next. Mrs. Verdell, we didn’t forget that you agree with Marcus Scott on a lot of the issue over the years. Video recordings of the past meeting don’t lie. So who out there is ready to campaign against Verdell Jones and Mrs. Guyett?”

“Liberty County School board member MARCUS SCOTT ONE MORE MONTH LEFT YES! New board members coming soon!”

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