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Sound off for Nov. 3

“We need someone like Jeff Whitten to follow up into the city manager’s shenanigans. I doubt the current snowflakes on your fish wrap staff will dig deep enough to either expose or exonerate Mr. Howard, I dare you to print this one.”

“Why is it you can’t sit on gazebo or picnic table and if you do there is a steep fine and it’s public but yet you can get arrested for soliciting and keep your job.”

“This is for all the businesses who raised their prices in. Because you feel the military will get a pay raise and the retired military will get a large COLA due to President Trump’s inflation on the cost of living in the United States. And those on Social Security will see a large COLA. Well thanks to the Republicans it won’t happen. You all need to go to Facebook to see what is happening. For they want to cut entitlements like the military’s housing allowance, and clothing allowance and they want to do away with Social Security. And they have even suggested doing away with those that reach age 50 by lethal injection. All this to pay for the tax cuts for the rich.”

“To the person who keeps complaining about Patty since she became general manager of the Coastal Courier.  Get your facts straight!  She did not replace Jeff Whitten, who was the editor of the Hinesville Courier.  The new editor who replaced Jeff is Denise Etheridge. This paper does not lean one way or another political wise and it’s for local news and not national news. IMHO Patty is doing a great job so far as General Manager and for your knowledge she is/was and still is one of the best investigative reporters in this area prior to her new position as General Manager.  I also miss Jeff for his wit and humor in his articles as I’m sure so does the Courier staff overall and the community. There are all sorts of wonderful articles in the paper. You may want to seriously read all of them and get yourself an education and enlightenment on the goings on in our community and perhaps in doing so you’ll have something worthwhile to contribute even if it’s coming only from you through Sound Off.”

“While our Hinesville police do their best, would it be POSSIBLE to please stop folks from tailgating? Someone is going to get hurt, or worse get killed! Please give tickets! Enforce the law!” 

“Mayor Allen Brown of Hinesville I will never vote for you again. You and the city manager of Hinesville need to go!”

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