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Sound off for Nov. 7

“Responding to the person who is complaining because her second grader has to change classes for each subject.  I have only one question; did you just drop here from Mars? Teachers who teach various subjects have their own classroom and children go from one classroom to the next depending on the subject they are having at the moment. It’s been like that for several years. You must be at the age where when you went to school back in the day you had only one teacher who taught all subjects.   Well hon’, it hasn’t been that way for a couple decades or so. Instead of fussing about it here go to the school and inquiry about it.” 

“Why is Goodwill raising their prices? I shouldn’t have to pay more extra for a t-shirt now. This is the only store I know who does that. Change back the prices or you’ll lose customers.” 

“Question, how are teachers allowed to dress up for Halloween and students cannot? Teachers with tutus on having fun. Is this even allowed?”

“To the caller regarding ‘We have a right to know’ about things and directing the remark to ‘Brian Kemp,’ know this; he does not live in this area. You would do well to call his office in Atlanta (I’m assuming that is where he works) and inquire directly to him. It totally amuses me to read Sound Off with folks complaining all the time yet they won’t step up and go directly to the source if they want to know something. Quit your whining and go directly to the source and inquiry of them what you want to know.”   

“Is Lyman Hall the only school that does not have ISS? I understand that when a student is in trouble, the ISS is in a 5th grade teacher classroom. Where else do they do that?”

“Someone please tell the principal at Waldo Pafford to get a professional look about herself. The short dresses and blonde hair is not what I would consider professional.”

“For someone who is so obsessed with this ‘fish wrap’ of a paper, you sure do contribute a lot! And calling people snowflakes? Very original.  You seem very triggered!”

“As parents and longtime supporters of the First Presbyterian Christian academy baseball program we are all in shock, the head baseball coach was dismissed last week with no explanation. Baseball program has been the most successful in the county for the past several years. The have made the state playoffs the five years in a row and last year they were the region champions. The head coach was named region coach of the year. The school and AD made a decision that shocked the team and whole baseball family. Please have the school board look into and advise the players and assistant coaches and plan for the future of this program.”

“Is anything ever going to come of Chick-Fil-A opening on Sunday?  A while ago there was a huge push for it to happen.  What happened to the customer always being right?”

“Commander in chief is a military definition and with it comes the responsibility of setting the example. Why is it that our commander in chief is always bashing women?  He was bashing women the whole week but yet he is trying to tell this country how he is leading it. What is happening to the leadership at the very top of our American Republic?” 

“The voters in the first district need to wake up. The republicans are going to cut our Medicare and our social security. We need to vote them out of office.”

“If the president sends them to border to keep the aliens out, then he needs to approve the use of deadly force to let him do it.”

“Patty Leon or the democratic editor, here’s a suggestion which might help your declining newspaper. Move your Sound Offs where you only publish six or seven, to a page you where you can post 15 or 20 of them like before.”

 “To the teacher complaining about the gossip in school about other teachers, you are not only there to teach the children but set the example by your appearance, your dress, and your actions, so think about that.”

“I think I heard this correctly on WTOC news, that our mayor said our city manager was found in a prostitution ring that was only a misdemeanor.  If that’s the case I need to open the cat house since it’s only a misdemeanor. I think everyone knows why nothing will be done.”

“I have seen comments in past Sound Offs that Liberty needs to promote development at I95 and 84 in the form of shopping, restaurants, and family activities that travelers and locals want to patronize, but you have waited too long. Bryan County and Rayonier are beating you to it. Think of the jobs and tax revenues from such a development. Everyone east of you does NOT want to drive through Hinesville to shop and we do not need any more Wal-Marts. Bring in a Target or better yet - a Costco and watch the shoppers come!”

“How is Liberty County going to take care of the seniors who become homeless due to the Republicans taking away their Social Security and U.S. government pensions? And how are they going to feed them.  The Republicans are also going to take away Medicare and how is Liberty County going to take care of their medical needs? And the suffering this will cause when the suicide rate goes up in Liberty County? For I am a Democrat and I agree with the Young Republican on terminating life at 50 years old. Why make them suffer? And some of Hollywood movies become real life realities.”

“I served my country for over three decades active Army and the commander-in-chief sets a bad example for America. He does not treat others with dignity and respect. He has opted to put the lives of fellow Americans in danger. What a shame.”

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