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Sound off for Oct. 13

“Last Saturday’s paper contained an NAACP article.  In it, it was mentioned that a certain number or percentage of blacks have been purged from the voter registration rolls. I would like to know if the Coastal Courier could research for us the number or percentage for other groups. Hispanics, Asians, Whites?  Thank you. (By the way, I am not upset that NAACP did not list these stats, because that is not their mission. I just think this could put this into proper perspective for us all.)

“I remember the Clarence Thomas hearing. Judge Thomas was no altar boy if the truth be told. Thomas got a pass that he rightfully didn’t deserve by the Senate. The Senate gave blind eyes to the truth then as they do today. History has a way of repeating itself. I will always view Judge Thomas as a political dark spot on the Supreme Court. History has a way of repeating itself. Some of the same men who were on the Judiciary Committee are still there today with the same view that they held against Anita Hill. Everything in life is about the truth from cradle to grave.”

“When we vote on November 6, 2018, we should remember the D means democracy and the R means Russia.”

“My three reasons I won’t be voting for Stacey Abrams: No. 1,  she’s dishonest. No. 2, she’s too liberal. No. 3, she’s a democrat.”

“This is to the person who called about Hinesville needing a Publix supermarket. You must not have shopped at Publix lately. That store is more expensive than Kroger and Walmart put together.”

“I have a friend that lives in Walthourvile. When I visit them I take my own tap water from Hinesville to drink. The water from Walthourville stinks and is undrinkable.”

“The public thing in Kroger’s, Hinesville can’t support a new grocery store, the only way we can support a new grocery store is closing the commissary. And since federal law says we shouldn’t compete with private industry they need to close the commissary.”

“The superintendent Dr. Perry, you always come around to different schools and you always talk to the administrators. When are you going have a meeting with the custodians? I’d like to know that.”

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