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Sound off for Oct. 3

“The Liberty County Board of Education is considering increasing the millage rate from the current rate of 15.6 percent to 16.5 percent. DANG SHAME!”

“Why does the Liberty County School System need an Assistant Superintendent? That’s $80,000 gone down the drain.  Liberty County Central Office employees are already overpaid. Vote no to millage hike. Board member Marcus Scott will be missed.”

“Don’t believe what you read in the article about drug court. They need to tell you the true numbers. The only ones graduating are the drug dealers. Ask the largest dealer in Liberty County recently sentenced to 13 years in federal prison. He was a drug court participant. He was conveniently close to his customers and bragged about hooking them on heroin. Wonder if he graduated before they finally stopped him?”

“So, if the Liberty County Chamber lost their nonprofit status in 2014, that means the city and county has been giving a for profit organization taxpayers’ money for four years. How could they let that happen and why didn’t we know about this!”

“Monday afternoon, being at the Liberty County make-up game, there were hardly anybody in the stands. It was the first time I have heard what comes up from the sidelines. The language from the coaches was horrendous. I hate to think that my son has to listen to that every game. Somebody needs to look into addressing the language from those coaches.”

“Please check your bank accounts. A local bank is now deducting a $3 paper fee from each account. I am a senior on a fixed income and choose not to bank online due to security concerns. It’s unfair to penalize people because of their greed. Is this legal? It’s certainly not ethical. I’m moving my accounts and so should you.”

“We need to bring prinicpal Gillard back to Frank Long Elementary!”

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