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Sound off: Oct. 9

“Drivers, Georgia’s school bus safety law went into effect earlier this year. It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus unless you’re on a highway divided by a grass median or physical barrier. If you don’t stop, a student or students can get hurt or killed. It’s also dark in the mornings when kids are out at the bus stop, so you have to pay even more attention.”

“We appreciate all of our Liberty County School System board members, superintendent, assistant superintendent, administrators, principals, teachers, counselors, staff and students.”

“Fish wrap guy here. To the person concerned about my computer and Facebook. Not to worry my friend, still very much on line but not on Face Book. You won’t find me anywhere near that site.  Still reading the ‘fish wrap’ called the ‘Coastal Courier’ with all their anti-Trump banter. Give it up ladies, Mr. Trump won and billary lost and he’ll be your POTUS for another term so live with it. Now for my 2 cents:  Please consider voting for Mr. Nixon for city council in district 3.  His opponent had her chance to make things better for our neighborhoods but failed. Now let’s get someone who will get the job done.   2 cents #2:  To the folks who love tacos.  I recommend Flacos Tacos on Highway 84 (on sale for 2 bucks on Tuesdays). You won’t be disappointed, take it from a Hispanic from El Paso/Juarez.”

“When is Buddy Carter going to have a town hall? He needs to explain why he voted no on lowering RX costs and why he still supports Trump.”

“This to the Army wives who have a Facebook page group: Do you all not have anything better to do than complain about the base schools or better yet talk about the administrators there? You should be ashamed of yourselves! You’re military spouses and this is how you behave while your husbands are serving our country! The commander of Fort Stewart’s needs to see your page! You’re an embarrassment! You should be role models for your children and yet you all act worse than them!”

“Today the Liberty County Drug Task Force finally made a raid in (my mobile home park.) I hope this sends a message to the drug dealers and those who do drugs just because the land lord is never around and you thought this was a good place to set up shop that you had better think again. Great job Liberty County Sheriff’s Department. I hope you get rid of all the people doing drugs here. For we need people to live here to spend their money on making the area look good.”

“Some of these students rely on their ‘disability’ to get another chance to testers. Most of them are just lazy so they don’t study the first time knowing they’ll get another chance. Stop feeding into their laziness and tell them to start growing up and be responsible.”

“William Barr is nothing more than a Trump baby wipe and has been on his knees since day one of his senate confirmation. The AG’s depth perception is way, way out there; he’s a master brown nose and has lost his moral values. Not the Attorney General of the United States who represents the people of this country.”

“Why does the Sound Off always have so much negativity, especially about our schools? It’s not right. We have a good school system.”

“Great job Bradwell and Liberty! Eighty-eight percent of kids graduated. This has never been accomplished. My concern is that we removed the principals. We cannot continue to lose and misuse talent. Oh, by the way I appreciate the telephone notification, but your announcement of historical accomplishment should have read historic accomplishment as historic refers to an event and historical refers to a period of time.”

“Trump said that Mexico was going to pay for the wall. That’s true; Mexico Beach, Florida, is paying for the wall.”

“When is the next Liberty County Board of Education election? Several of our board members have to go. #2020 Election.”

“It is pure ignorance and childish to drive noisemaker cars.  The entire local Hinesville community needs to come together and start reporting these noise nuisances under Sec. 11-147 of the municipal code. It is UNLAWFUL for folks to drive cars without mufflers that make excessive noise.  Let’s rid the community of these nuisances! Write down license plates and make reports to the police!”

“To all the people blaming the mayor for the city’s problems, you are wrong. The mayor has no vote. Talk to your city council. They changed all that when they fired Billy Edwards.”

“I want to know why the police aren’t watching these handicap parking spots. A lot of the people parking there aren’t handicapped. I think the police need to do something about it."

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